Versailles Chic Sewing Table

This little sewing table was such a rare find. This unique and charming piece was in very good condition but the natural varnished pine was really outdated. It was screaming for a lift.

Sewing Table - Before

I enlisted hubby to take off the hardware and sand down the rough edges and I knew exactly which colour I wanted it painted in. I selected the very beautiful Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Versailles.

Sewing Table - During

The Versailles soft green hue just gave this sewing table all the charm needed to turn this into a beautiful piece in any living area. I finished in with a soft clear and dark wax for protection. It unfortunately didn’t come with a sewing table to go with it, but this little piece perfectly doubles as a desk or console table.

Sewing Table - After

If you are interested in this piece, please send me an email.


Elegant Vintage Side tables

Another weekend, another project completed! Hubby and I saw these side tables last week at the auction and I just knew I had to have them. They were already beautiful to start with but they needed a fresh look. They also had little scuff marks and dings to fix.

Vintage Side Tables - before

The Paris Grey colour was a perfect colour for these beautiful and elegant pieces. They were also branded, but I couldn’t make the burn mark in them.

Vintage Side Tables - during

A couple coats of chalk paint, and waxing and there they were. They turned out absolutely stunning!

Vintage Side Tables - after

Side Table Makeover

After a well needed break over the Holidays away from my paint brushes and old pieces of furniture, hubby and I took another successful trip to the auctions. I was able to snatch a few pieces for a great deal. I saw this little lonely side/end table and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

Side Table - Before

I had purchased the ASCP paint in Graphite but haven’t had any pieces to try it on and I couldn’t wait to use it. The colour at first was very intimidating. I hadn’t tried any colour this dark before and was a bit skittish in trying it out. The ASCP Graphite in some light turns a deep grey with bluish tones and in other light changes into a beautiful rich grey. Once painted, I used a rough grit sandpaper to distress the corners and edges. The little dents in the pieces gave this piece a lot of character when sanded. Changing the hardware on the drawers also gave it the extra charm for such a cute little piece, as you can see.

Side Table - After1


2 Coats of ASCP Graphite and clear and dark wax treatment, and it was done. This was definitely a fun day project! Remember, if you have any old pieces you want to love again by having them repainted, please get in touch with me, leave me a message and we can discuss your projects.

Side Table - Before & After

Reclaimed Wood Hook Rack

Since, I haven’t found new piece to work on over the Holidays, I’ve decided to make a Hook Rack for my bedroom. I used solid oak reclaimed wood from pallets I hubby and I had taken apart. Taking wooden pallets (skids) apart isn’t an easy task. Hubby used his saws-all to disjoint the nailed parts and I tried my best to remove the remaining nails. Many have various techniques for this process which can be found on youtube or Pinterest but as you start, you will find the way which works best for you.

For this hook rack, hubby cut the piece at 22 inches and sanded the rough edges and corners. The piece was then stained with Mahogany Varathane (1 coat). I then used decor paint from Martha Stewart – Smoke colour, then applied a coat of clear wax and dark wax to give it an aged look. We added these cast iron hooks from Home Depot I had bought a while back for this project.

The result was FABULOUS!

Hook rack

Please contact me should you want a custom piece made just for you! These can be made to order.

Infinity Man-Scarf

Hubby saw that I was having so much fun knitting, he decided he wanted part of it. So when I say part of it, he came into Michael’s and picked the yarn he wanted. Being the nice husband, he even picked up a nice set of pink needles for me. For his scarf, he went with the Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick super bulky yarn in stripe Hoyas colour with 9mm needles.


I casted on 25 stitches and knitted a straight knit all the way. I used 3 full ball of yarn for this infinity scarf.

The finish was a beautiful and warm scarf for our wintery Canadian winters which he wears with pride.


Holiday Knitting

I won’t pretend like I’m a master knitter (if there is such a thing) but since I was away for the Holidays and couldn’t work my painting projects, I decided to knit. Yes, knit! Yarn was on sale at Michael’s so I picked up a whole bunch of beautiful colours. I went with the Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick super bulky yarn in Charcoal Anthracite Carbon colour with 9mm needles.


I started by casting on 10 stitches and just knitted away, simple knit and a purl. If you’re unsure of the technique, there are tonnes of videos on youtube to teach you how to knit. To measure the proper length as every head is different, I just knitted and fit the length as I went. Knit a little shorter as you would think since the yarn will stretch once your headband is finished.

And voilà!


Bar Cart update – Commissioned piece

An old friend contacted me through Facebook to ask for advice and tips on painting furniture. Mr. “S”, I shall call him, had started painting a new bar cart he had just purchased. He quickly admitted having made quite a mess with it. After a few messages back and forth, it was decided that he would use my services to finish this project.

Here’s the piece as it arrived;

Bar Cart - Before

Some pieces were already painted as you can see. There were a lot of intricate details in this bar cart and the veneer finish didn’t really cooperate in some spots. I refinished this piece in a Versailles ASCP, and coated with clear and dark wax for an antique finish to match a drawer Mr. “S” had brought with him.

Bar Cart - During

The finished piece ended up beautiful and ready for the Holidays.

Bar Cart - After

What a difference a little TLC can make!!

Bar Cart -  Before and After

If you have any project you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have!

Chic Console Table

Hubby needed a TV Console Table for his man cave so he picked up this old unit from an auction. It was well used but the wood was solid and the finish just needed a little TLC. I thought it needed a touch of modern and a bit of up lifting.

TV Console Table - before

Hubby sanded down the top and stained it with a dark Varathane Espresso colour. The wood grain came through so nicely that we decided not to paint over top and just wax it so the details would show through.

TV Console Table - during

The rest of the piece was painted in Charcoal Americana Decor paint I picked up at my local Micheal’s store. I did enjoy woking with this paint. It covered well and all I needed was a first coat and a second coat diluted with water. I then distressed and sanded a tiny little bit and wax a clear coat of ASCP soft wax, applied a little bit of dark wax then finished with a last coat of clear.

TV Console Table - after

This will really go well in his man-cave. If you are interested in this piece or if you have a project in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be glad to offer my services. 🙂