Classic Paris Grey Dresser

I’ve been waiting for good daytime light to snap pics of this beautiful dresser I finished a few days ago but the last few days have been snowy and overcast. I might have to invest on some good photography lighting kits in the near future. Oh boy… hubby is not going to like all these new “hobby” expenses I keep stacking up. Oh well. lol

This was one of the pieces I had scored at an auction a few weeks ago. It wasn’t really pretty but it had good bones. It is really hard to find real wood and sturdy pieces of furniture these days. It looked like someone decided to add wooden knobs beside existing hardware without even removing and filling the old fixtures. Interesting… The dresser was an old creamy-yellowy colour…. not so pleasing to the eye.

Paris Grey Dresser - Before

Hubby helped taking all the hardware out and filling the old knob holes with wood filler. Ugh, that was a paint… WHO needs this many knobs on a dresser!! For this piece, I decided to paint my first coat in old white. I wanted to work with layers to show the lighter white colour through the Paris Grey finish I envisioned for this project. Oh, I almost forgot! There were some burn marks on the top of this old dresser… (I keep wondering how so many pieces I see have these burn marks all over… what are people doing?) Anywho… I sanded it away and after my first coat of ASCP – Old White, I  added a coat of ASCP Paris Grey. I could still see the area through the paint bleeding through!! But as many bloggers will attest, no need to fear, Shellac is HERE!! If you are a crafter, you need to have this stuff handy! A spray can will run you $15 at Home Depot and worth every penny. I added another coat of ASCP Paris Grey and the surface came out perfect!

Paris Grey Dresser - After2

So for this piece, I did; 1 coat of Old White, 1 Coat of Paris Grey, 1 coat of Shellac on the top of the dresser only and another coat of Paris Grey. I sanded and distressed the edges and woodwork details to show the Old White through the Paris Grey. I came back and went over the fine details with a fine brush with Old White and Clear waxed the piece for protection. The final touch was adding all the hardware with these beautiful glass, crystal-like knobs I ordered online.

Paris Grey Dresser - After


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