DIY Burlap Xmas Wreath

Sunday Fun-day!! What better way is there to spend time inside on this lovely snowy day… My dear friend Jenny brought back a few styrofoam rim spacers from her work to make some DIY projects and wreath. I couldn’t resist when she offered me one. You can actually buy the wire frames form Michaels or Canadian Tire for about $10. Or I’ve also seen others use pool noodles you can purchase at the dollar store as well.

What you need for this project:

– 30 metres of burlap wired ribbon ($11 on sale @ Micheals)
– Styrofoam circle frame (or  pre-made wire frame)
– Monogram letter ($6 @ Michaels)
– Scissors
– Hot glue and hot glue gun
– Needle
– Thread
– Pine cones (free from mother nature)
– Christmas ornaments

Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures throughout as my camera batteries were dead.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

– Wrap your frame with the burlap ribbon
– Cut several 6 to 7 inches long pieces of burlap
– Fold the pieces in 2
– Bunch the ends and sew tight to make loops
– Sew each loops at random on the wrapped frame (or hot glue them onto the frame)
– Hot glue the pine cones also at random & add ornaments to you liking and you are done!

To hide the string to attach the monogram, I’ve added a bow at the top right corner and simply tied it to the frame. Using another string, I made a loop so that I can hang the finished wreath.






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