Furniture & Galvanized chicken wire?

So now that the nice weather is here, I don’t quite spend much time indoors working on pieces. Although I’ve had this urge to do a piece with chicken wire after seeing it done time and time again on Pinterest. It just gives the right amount of rustic and a charm to any pieces… and it’s a really neat fix for piece of glass!

I had this China Hutch for a while and couldn’t decide on the colour combinations I wanted to use. Dark with light interior? Gray? Charcoal? I knew I wanted a white interior but as I like to say, the piece had to speak to me. So it took a while… Or… I kinda procrastinated.

Finally… I decided on the French Linen Gray from Annie Sloan with a Pure White interior. I thought it would be great with the hutch built-in interior lighting.

French Linen Hutch2

French Linen Hutch1

Don’t you just love the country chic of this piece? If you’re interested in purchasing this piece, feel free to contact me!





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