Reclaimed Wood Hook Rack

Since, I haven’t found new piece to work on over the Holidays, I’ve decided to make a Hook Rack for my bedroom. I used solid oak reclaimed wood from pallets I hubby and I had taken apart. Taking wooden pallets (skids) apart isn’t an easy task. Hubby used his saws-all to disjoint the nailed parts and I tried my best to remove the remaining nails. Many have various techniques for this process which can be found on youtube or Pinterest but as you start, you will find the way which works best for you.

For this hook rack, hubby cut the piece at 22 inches and sanded the rough edges and corners. The piece was then stained with Mahogany Varathane (1 coat). I then used decor paint from Martha Stewart – Smoke colour, then applied a coat of clear wax and dark wax to give it an aged look. We added these cast iron hooks from Home Depot I had bought a while back for this project.

The result was FABULOUS!

Hook rack

Please contact me should you want a custom piece made just for you! These can be made to order.





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