Side Table Makeover

After a well needed break over the Holidays away from my paint brushes and old pieces of furniture, hubby and I took another successful trip to the auctions. I was able to snatch a few pieces for a great deal. I saw this little lonely side/end table and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

Side Table - Before

I had purchased the ASCP paint in Graphite but haven’t had any pieces to try it on and I couldn’t wait to use it. The colour at first was very intimidating. I hadn’t tried any colour this dark before and was a bit skittish in trying it out. The ASCP Graphite in some light turns a deep grey with bluish tones and in other light changes into a beautiful rich grey. Once painted, I used a rough grit sandpaper to distress the corners and edges. The little dents in the pieces gave this piece a lot of character when sanded. Changing the hardware on the drawers also gave it the extra charm for such a cute little piece, as you can see.

Side Table - After1


2 Coats of ASCP Graphite and clear and dark wax treatment, and it was done. This was definitely a fun day project! Remember, if you have any old pieces you want to love again by having them repainted, please get in touch with me, leave me a message and we can discuss your projects.

Side Table - Before & After





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