Who Needs Canvas!

I had seen a painting like this one on Pinterest a while back and I had to have my own. Who needs Canvas when you have planks of wood around the house. This project was super cheap to make if you have a drill, screws, paint and time. Pallets can be found on Kijiji or shipping departments. Most companies cannot get rid of them. Just ask around, you’d be surprised.

We had some Solid Oak reclaimed wood (from dismantled pallets) in the garage which hubby sanded down and stained a while back.  Hubby is not too trusty with me and hand tools so he wanted to mount the planks himself which wasn’t a bad thing… this Oak was SOLID! So he decided to use pine for the back pieces to mount the planks to.

Reclaimed Wood Painting

I used some Acrylic paint I had lying around. Started with a quick dry brush stroke technique with the blue and went around the edges of each planks with the same technique in brown. Then just painted an old tree in black!

Reclaimed Wood Painting 2

Results were pretty amazing! Now I’m not quite sure where in the house it will go but this corner will do just fine for now.






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