Antiqued Rocking Chair

This “up-cycling” business has become quite the hobby. I’ve now become an auction addict, always looking for antique pieces to “up-cycle” (love this new word) and refinish. The moment I saw this Rocking Chair, I knew it had great potential. For this real wood (and quite heavy) piece I’ve decided to experiment with the Cottage-white Cottage Paint which I purchased at my local Benjamin Moore.

Rocking Chair - Before

The Cottage paint is definitely not as easy as the ASCP (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint) to work with. I had to apply 3 coats and finished with a light 4th coat. Luckily, I had enough paint in the 8oz little pot to finish my project. Once I finished painting, I decided the piece needed a little touch more of “antique” so I added a nice wood details to the head rest piece. The original piece only had painted-on gold trimming which was a little tacky, I must say.

Rocking Chair - During

Once all the sanding and distressing was completed, I applied the ASCP Soft Wax – Dark and used the ASCP Soft Clear to blend it all in to give my Rocking Chair the desired antique look.

Rocking Chair - After

This piece will also be posted on my site for sale… although I love every single pieces I purchase and up-cycle, it is really hard to part with this labour of love and attention. My house isn’t big enough to keep all these beautiful pieces. so this Rocking chair will be posted and is up for sale should you fall in love with it as much as I did. Update – The Rocking Chair has now found a new home with Nicole.





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