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  • Nursery Crib & Dresser refinishing project

    Nursery Crib & Dresser refinishing project

    After a few weeks of winter-end break and lull, I took on a nursery crib and dresser re-finishing project for a client. I would never had imagined the daunting task ahead of this one… Since the the crib and dresser were for a nursery, I had to invest many hours of research in order to find and select a baby-safe, non-toxic […]

  • Antique Honderich Furniture Co. Red Seal Cedar Chest

    Antique Honderich Furniture Co. Red Seal Cedar Chest

    Hubby and I found another one of these Authentic Cedar Chest by Honderich Furniture. How Lucky!! The chest still had the original Honderich stamp and the original $100.00 moth insurance certificate stapled on the inside of the lid. Just a bit of history behind these beaut’s. In 1911, C.R. Honderich and sons and August Eidt, founded the […]

  • Beautiful Antique Dresser & Swing Mirror

    I picked up this piece from a nice gentleman who lived nearby. Having recently moved to Orangeville, Ontario, we haven’t really had the chance to explore the area as much as we would have liked. He lived about 5 minutes away. We arrived at his house and were taken aback by the breath taking view […]

  • Antiqued Rocking Chair

    This “up-cycling” business has become quite the hobby. I’ve now become an auction addict, always looking for antique pieces to “up-cycle” (love this new word) and refinish. The moment I saw this Rocking Chair, I knew it had great potential. For this real wood (and quite heavy) piece I’ve decided to experiment with the Cottage-white […]