DIY Projects

  • Versailles Chic Sewing Table

    Versailles Chic Sewing Table

    This little sewing table was such a rare find. This unique and charming piece was in very good condition but the natural varnished pine was really outdated. It was screaming for a lift. I enlisted hubby to take off the hardware and sand down the rough edges and I knew exactly which colour I wanted…

  • Elegant Vintage Side tables

    Elegant Vintage Side tables

    Another weekend, another project completed! Hubby and I saw these side tables last week at the auction and I just knew I had to have them. They were already beautiful to start with but they needed a fresh look. They also had little scuff marks and dings to fix. The Paris Grey colour was a perfect…

  • Side Table Makeover

    After a well needed break over the Holidays away from my paint brushes and old pieces of furniture, hubby and I took another successful trip to the auctions. I was able to snatch a few pieces for a great deal. I saw this little lonely side/end table and knew exactly what I wanted to do…

  • Reclaimed Wood Hook Rack

    Reclaimed Wood Hook Rack

    Since, I haven’t found new piece to work on over the Holidays, I’ve decided to make a Hook Rack for my bedroom. I used solid oak reclaimed wood from pallets I hubby and I had taken apart. Taking wooden pallets (skids) apart isn’t an easy task. Hubby used his saws-all to disjoint the nailed parts and I…

  • ☆ ☆ Happy New Year! ☆☆

    Happy New 2015 From LilDesigns!

  • Infinity Man-Scarf

    Infinity Man-Scarf

    Hubby saw that I was having so much fun knitting, he decided he wanted part of it. So when I say part of it, he came into Michael’s and picked the yarn he wanted. Being the nice husband, he even picked up a nice set of pink needles for me. For his scarf, he went…

  • Holiday Knitting

    Holiday Knitting

    I won’t pretend like I’m a master knitter (if there is such a thing) but since I was away for the Holidays and couldn’t work my painting projects, I decided to knit. Yes, knit! Yarn was on sale at Michael’s so I picked up a whole bunch of beautiful colours. I went with the Lion…

  • ❅ ❅  Happy Holidays from LilDesigns!!! ❅ ❅

    ❅ ❅ Happy Holidays from LilDesigns!!! ❅ ❅

  • Bar Cart update – Commissioned piece

    Bar Cart update – Commissioned piece

    An old friend contacted me through Facebook to ask for advice and tips on painting furniture. Mr. “S”, I shall call him, had started painting a new bar cart he had just purchased. He quickly admitted having made quite a mess with it. After a few messages back and forth, it was decided that he would…

  • Chic Console Table

    Chic Console Table

    Hubby needed a TV Console Table for his man cave so he picked up this old unit from an auction. It was well used but the wood was solid and the finish just needed a little TLC. I thought it needed a touch of modern and a bit of up lifting. Hubby sanded down the…

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