Nursery Crib & Dresser refinishing project

After a few weeks of winter-end break and lull, I took on a nursery crib and dresser re-finishing project for a client. I would never had imagined the daunting task ahead of this one… Since the the crib and dresser were for a nursery, I had to invest many hours of research in order to find and select a baby-safe, non-toxic and no VOC type of paint. Thank God for the internet! I can’t remember how many reviews I’ve read and time I’ve spent looking through paint brand & manufacturer’s MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets).

I did find this Lullaby Paint which is an award-winning Baby-safe paint but unfortunately this brand was not readily available in Canada. Shipping time and costs from the states were out of this world and baby-girl was due soon… did not have time to wait so after more reading, I went with CeCe Caldwell’s Paints. CeCe’s paint has NO: VOC’s, acrylic co-polymers, solvents, formaldehyde, ethylene glycol. The minerals are clay, gibbsite & chalk in a water based solution. The containers are environment conscious made from recycled materials.

Mommy wanted an off-white colour so the Vintage White was just perfect! Again, this paint was not widely available in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) but I did find a place that carries CeCe’s at the Pickering Antique Market, and it’s called The Rooster’s Waltz. I never got to meet the booth owner even after 3 trips!!! from Orangeville but if you have time, the Market is quite the place to visit if you’re into vintage and antique stuff.

Anyways, getting off track…

I’m so happy with the way this project turned out. Although originally beautiful in it’s dark espresso colour, the simultaneously chic and classy distressed off-white colour will surely add some style, charm and innocence to Mark and Sandra’s nursery for their new little girl.
 Nursery - During

After 4 coats or paint I gently distressed both crib and dresser which showed the dark espresso through beautifully. For protection, I waxed the pieces usingThe CeCe Caldwell’s Wax – Ingredients:  Beeswax, Clarified Linseed Oil, Orange Peel Oil (D-Limonene), Caranuba Wax, Essential Oils, and Lead-free Dryers. Have to love the fact that every ingredients in this line are natural. I guess babies will chew and gum everything. I can see it being a concern as I did see tiny little teeth marks in the crib.

To finish the piece, I special-ordered some glass knobs and it instantly added some charm to a dresser fit for a princess. What do you think?!

Nursery Dresser - After1Nursery Dresser - After3 Nursery Dresser - After2Crib
Before and After

Nursery Dresser - Before and After

If you have a project in mind, please feel free to contact me and I will glad to chat about it with you!


Antique Honderich Furniture Co. Red Seal Cedar Chest

Hubby and I found another one of these Authentic Cedar Chest by Honderich Furniture. How Lucky!! The chest still had the original Honderich stamp and the original $100.00 moth insurance certificate stapled on the inside of the lid.

Just a bit of history behind these beaut’s. In 1911, C.R. Honderich and sons and August Eidt, founded the H.E. Furniture Company. In 1917, the firm added cedar chests to their line. In 1926, the H.E. Furniture Company became the Honderich Furniture Company. The furniture was primarily constructed using solid walnut and walnut veneers. In 1967 the factory was sold to Messrs. Dow and Kirkham (Fry & Blackhall, Wingham) who operated it under the Honderich name. In 1969, the plant was sold to Electrohome. It was in Milverton, Ontario.

For this piece I decided on the Annie Sloan Pure White colour. I think this colour helps retain the pureness of this antique chest. With the Natural finish showing through the distressing, it added just the right amount of antique with a touch of modern.

Honderich Chest - Before

This chest needed some sanding and prepping. The veneer had started to peel off in some spots and the drawer handles needed to be fixed before I could start with my painting project. Because, the finish was brought down to the natural grain, I had to apply a thin coat of Shellac before proceeding. (Great tip I learned along the way. The achieve a even paint colour with different starting textures, always Shellac first! Wether it’s raw wood, bleeding through paint, wood glue… if you see the colours are uneven, stop what you’re doing and Shellac!)

Honderich Chest - During

I LOVE these cedar chests! Not only do they smell absolutely wonderful when opened, they are perfect for any decor to store your extra throw pillows, blankets or other knick-knacks!

Honderich Chest - After

Country Chic Occasional Tables Updo

After 3 weeks of toiling on a nursery crib and dresser, I needed a quick fix of ASCP therapy. (The write up on the nursery project to come!)

I’ve been waiting to find the perfect little pieces to try the Annie Sloan Duck Egg and these little charming tables were the perfect project for it. I know, these were already beautiful to begin with but the modern needed a touch of country-chic in my mind.

Duck Egg Side Tables

When painting tables and chairs, I always turn the pieces upside down to make sure I don’t miss any spots underneath. Nothing annoys me more than finishing painting a piece just find out missed spots at the end of a project. You gotta give it to the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, it covers everything whether shinny, dull or raw with little to no prep necessary.

For these little gems, I applied a first coat, let it dry and diluted the second coat with a little water, which in all honestly is great… makes a quart go a long way. I finished by distressing with a light sand and applied a clear wax for protection.

Duck Egg Side Tables - After2

If you are interested in these pieces, let me know!

Duck Egg Side Tables - After


Happy ♥ Day!!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!! ♥

It’s been cold and dreadful outside lately so I haven’t really gone out to hunt for my next pieces to work on but I still needed to paint something. I’ve been thinking about my left over Eulalie’s Sky MMS Milk paint sitting in the fridge so I decided to put it to use.

I repainted an old decorative mirror. I love the look of an aged mirror.


This wasn’t painted but in light of Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share this neat idea. For our wedding, hubby and I had handcrafted out own wedding invitations. I ♥ them so much and they turned out so beautiful!! For our wedding, we received several photo frames (who doesn’t). So instead of stashing these beauties in a memory box, I framed one! Perfect!!


This is a painting I did and yes, painted the frame in the same Eulalie’s Sky colour. I also preserved my wedding bouquet. It still looks gorgeous.


To finish today’s post… this is one of the verses recited at our wedding. No matter what religion or belief you follow, this rings true to everything. Love is all we need…

love is patient

Who Needs Canvas!

I had seen a painting like this one on Pinterest a while back and I had to have my own. Who needs Canvas when you have planks of wood around the house. This project was super cheap to make if you have a drill, screws, paint and time. Pallets can be found on Kijiji or shipping departments. Most companies cannot get rid of them. Just ask around, you’d be surprised.

We had some Solid Oak reclaimed wood (from dismantled pallets) in the garage which hubby sanded down and stained a while back.  Hubby is not too trusty with me and hand tools so he wanted to mount the planks himself which wasn’t a bad thing… this Oak was SOLID! So he decided to use pine for the back pieces to mount the planks to.

Reclaimed Wood Painting

I used some Acrylic paint I had lying around. Started with a quick dry brush stroke technique with the blue and went around the edges of each planks with the same technique in brown. Then just painted an old tree in black!

Reclaimed Wood Painting 2

Results were pretty amazing! Now I’m not quite sure where in the house it will go but this corner will do just fine for now.


DIY Envelope Pillow Cases

For this weekend’s project, I decided to make pillow covers. We have this huge sectional couch in our great room which required similarly huge accent pillows to match. We had old throw pillows from an old bedding set but the colours did not fit the sectional.

We went to our local Fabricland and browsed through hundreds of fabric… I have to admit that this store is overwhelming. Too many choices and if you know me, I am terrible at decisions. BUT, luckily, hubby was with me and spotted, tucked away in a corner, this beautiful dark damask print fabric. That was the one! (Should’ve checked the price first though… hubby has expensive taste at $16/metre). Regardless, I bought 2 metres of it for my 2 pillow project. (I still have extra fabric to make another pillow though.)

What you need for 2 Accent pillows:

  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing Machine
  • 1.5 metres fabric
  • 2 pillow inserts (29″x29″)

To start, I folded my fabric in half so it would be easier to gauge the proper length and cut afterward. The inserts I had were 29″ x 29″. My fabric was exactly 60 inches wide which made it perfect for the width needed for my project. For my project, I cut a 30″ x 60 ” piece for 1 pillow.

If you have a smaller pillow, just make sure you have at least an inch on the sides of your pillow and adding  2 to 3 inches to the length for your fold later. My cat is great help as you can see…


Once your fabric is cut to your desired length, sew in the top edges (This is why I added extra length). Some fabric may require ironing first, but the fabric I chose was heavy enough for me to just sew right away. To be honest, I really don’t like ironing at all so I skipped that step.


I only sewed in the top edges on my project knowing the sides would have to be sewn anyways, there is really no need (that I can think of anyways) to add the extra sewing.

Before sewing the sides, I grabbed my pillow to make sure the folded in pieces fit just perfectly. So what you want to do here is bring your top and bottom edges towards the middle to make sure they overlap in the middle once folded over. Be mindful that at this point your fabric should be inside out.


Also pay attention to the first inside fold – you want to make sure the fold is where you want it seen once the pillow case is turned outside in. You may want to see the insert part in the middle or near the edges… just a matter of preference I guess.


Once both sides of your project are sewn together, flip it outside in from the opening, insert your pillows in and voilà!! No fuss, no muss… easy, peasy… Brand new pillows to enhance any decor in less than 30 minutes!

DIY Pillow Cases

Authentic Red Seal by Henderich Cedar Chest

As mentioned in an earlier post blog, I had scored a few pieces from a fruitful auction. This is really becoming an addiction which may need to be tamed. At least, it keeps hubby busy. I let him do all my bidding for me. I tell him what I want and the max I am willing to spend. Downside of this is, he collects 10% on my sales. Well, at least I can make him work for it. This authentic Red Seal by Henderich was a real find! Although REALLY dated, the chest was in immaculate condition.

As you can see, it had some odd handles to nowhere, and a shiny glossy (yucky) old finish. The interior though… wow! Nothing beats the real smell of cedar and wood.

Cedar Chest - Before

For this project, I had hubby remove the (ugly) hardware and fill the holes with wood filler. There really was no need for those handles. I didn’t even realize that the bottom piece was a drawer! AND inside the drawer was the original key which came with it!

I have to say, I was really happy with this project. After the wood filler dried, hubby did a quick sanding job and I added 2 coats for Annie Sloan Old White. The distressing part was the most fun all the right areas came through resulting in this beautiful Cedar Chest! Lovin’ it!

Cedar Chest - After3 Cedar Chest - After2 Cedar Chest - After

Classic Paris Grey Dresser

I’ve been waiting for good daytime light to snap pics of this beautiful dresser I finished a few days ago but the last few days have been snowy and overcast. I might have to invest on some good photography lighting kits in the near future. Oh boy… hubby is not going to like all these new “hobby” expenses I keep stacking up. Oh well. lol

This was one of the pieces I had scored at an auction a few weeks ago. It wasn’t really pretty but it had good bones. It is really hard to find real wood and sturdy pieces of furniture these days. It looked like someone decided to add wooden knobs beside existing hardware without even removing and filling the old fixtures. Interesting… The dresser was an old creamy-yellowy colour…. not so pleasing to the eye.

Paris Grey Dresser - Before

Hubby helped taking all the hardware out and filling the old knob holes with wood filler. Ugh, that was a paint… WHO needs this many knobs on a dresser!! For this piece, I decided to paint my first coat in old white. I wanted to work with layers to show the lighter white colour through the Paris Grey finish I envisioned for this project. Oh, I almost forgot! There were some burn marks on the top of this old dresser… (I keep wondering how so many pieces I see have these burn marks all over… what are people doing?) Anywho… I sanded it away and after my first coat of ASCP – Old White, I  added a coat of ASCP Paris Grey. I could still see the area through the paint bleeding through!! But as many bloggers will attest, no need to fear, Shellac is HERE!! If you are a crafter, you need to have this stuff handy! A spray can will run you $15 at Home Depot and worth every penny. I added another coat of ASCP Paris Grey and the surface came out perfect!

Paris Grey Dresser - After2

So for this piece, I did; 1 coat of Old White, 1 Coat of Paris Grey, 1 coat of Shellac on the top of the dresser only and another coat of Paris Grey. I sanded and distressed the edges and woodwork details to show the Old White through the Paris Grey. I came back and went over the fine details with a fine brush with Old White and Clear waxed the piece for protection. The final touch was adding all the hardware with these beautiful glass, crystal-like knobs I ordered online.

Paris Grey Dresser - After

Upcycled Wine Bottle DIY

I was browsing Pinterest for some quick DIY decoration ideas… I had some left over Eulalie’s Sky MMS Milk paint from my recent Oak chair project and found these neat pins of painted bottles. I normally take my empties to the animal shelter close by but thought, I could always empty more! *wink *

Because I didn’t add any bonding agent to the already mixed paint I had, I tried to shellac the bottle first. After the shellac had dried, I just painted away! It went on pretty smooth but I wasn’t sure if the paint would adhere once dried. An hour later, I came back and the crackling effect it left was astounding!!

Eulalie's Sky Wine Bottle 2

Note that I didn’t peel the labels off but it didn’t really matter as I wrapped that area with cheap twine. I think I will do a bunch of these and go hunt for some simple floral stems. This was a quick and cheap DIY project with lovely results!

Eulalie's Sky Wine Bottle

My Eulalie’s Sky Chair

I picked up this chair as a test canvas for my first Miss Mustard’s Seed Milk Paint project. This was your average plain, old oak chair and I had just the right colour in mind for it. MMS Milk Paint Eulalie’s Sky… don’t you just love that name for a colour!! I do! The greenish, blueish pastel & soft colour is just such a nice addition to any room.

The mixing part was just like baking… I definitely think I might invest in a blender to get a much smoother finish in my paint though. I ended up with a little bit of fine grit left by using a hand whisk but it added a nice texture to my paint which I didn’t mind too much.


I had read that the MMS Milk paint needed a bonding agent added to the paint for the product to adhere to already finished pieces. I really didn’t want to mess with the daunting task of mixing all these products, so I just did a first coat of my fave ASCP in Old White. Plus, I also wanted some white to show through once distressing time came.

Eulalie's Sky Chair - During

One coat of ASPC Old White, and 2 coats of MMS Milk Paint in Eulalie’s Sky, a little bit of distressing and final coat of Americana Decor Creme wax and here you have it… a beautiful accent piece to add to any room.

Eulalie's Sky Chair - After2

Eulalie's Sky Chair - After

*The pictures somehow shows the piece being of a blueish tone, but this is more the colour of it.